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Crocs Classic Clog | Water Comfortable Slip on Shoes
Crocs Classic Clog | Water Comfortable Slip on Shoes
  • 100% Croslite
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • CROCS FOR EVERYONE: With a color and style for every personality, the Classic Clogs are the Crocs women and men need to start a comfort revolution around the world
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND FUN: The Crocs for men and women feature lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris quickly
  • DESIGNED TO FIT: These slip-on clogs are easy to take on and off, while being extremely durable These Crocs even offer pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit
  • WEAR FOR ANY OCCASION: These men's and women's Crocs serve as great house shoes but also ideal for the beach, pool, gym, shower, walking or even gardening
  • CROCS FOR WOMEN AND MEN: The Crocs Classic Clogs are not only the most comfortable shoes for women and men but also easy to clean just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry

Original. Comfortable. Versatile. The iconic clog that started a comfort revolution around the world! The irreverent, go-to comfort shoe that you're sure to fall deeper in love with day after day. Crocs Classic Clogs feature lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort , a color for every personality, and offer an ongoing invitation to be comfortable in your own shoes.

Looking for the ultimate warm-weather shoe? Crocs' Classic clog has a ventilated upper and a traction outsole to make it a top wet-dry performer--perfect for the beach--but we can think of a zillion other places you'll want to wear it.

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Item model number: 10001-44O
  • Date First Available: July 14, 2017
  • ASIN: B072Q5Y614
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,609 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #11 in Men's Mules & Clogs
    • #12 in Women's Mules & Clogs
    • #492 in Men's Shops

    I bought this classic fit (wide) shoe in size 6 men to get a size 8 women's. It fits perfectly. Most comfortable shoe or clog ever. They are also ugly but they are so ugly that they are cute. To be clear, I bought these to wear with fluffy socks so I have the room I need (my feet are not wide) when wearing the fluffy socks. The strap can be in the back or in the front. I like having it across my heel when wearing socks. Feet don't sweat thanks to all of the vents. You can also put cute little Jibbitz on them that people will notice and take their attention away from the ugly shoes. You can wear these things all day, 10-12 hours and your feet and legs will hold out. I got the original classic style because so many people online complained about the soles coming apart on the newer style. So buyer beware, if you try them you will love them.

    I agree with other reviewers that croc has changed the fit of the shoe. I have worn crocs for years. I wear them with socks and without socks, depending on the weather. I get a new pair when I wear a hole in the ball of the foot area in the old pair. I wear them to take a walk every day (I hate tennis shoes). I got these and the weather was warm and I wore them without socks and the edge at the top of my arch rubbed a blister on both of my feet, because croc has made the whole shoe box smaller and lower in the arch area. That has NEVER happened before. The back strap is also shorter, which will push your foot further into the shoe. I don't use the strap, but it I checked it out after reading other people's reviews about it and it is definitely shorter than the strap on my old crocs. Boo hiss on croc for now cutting corners on a good product. Makes me wonder if the sole is going to wear out faster now too....
    For fit, I wear a size 8 women's shoe and I always buy crocs in size= 7 mens/9 womens. I don't know if sizing up will help with issues of how they changed the fit or if it would just be a more clown like shoe flopping on the foot (you gotta admit, they feel great, but have a clown shoe quality about them). : )

    I bought a pair supposedly in the same style and size as my original pair from 8 years ago. The change was both startling and disappointing.
    The size of the new pair is visibly smaller than my original pair.
    The little rise at the back of the footbed is almost non-existent so my feet slide out backwards as I walk.
    The nubs on the footbed are so coarse it's like walking barefoot on gravel.
    Overall, they are very tight compared to the originals. In fact so tight that I had to reorder in a larger size.

    Ordered a W8. This is my first pair of Crocs & I’m not sure whyyyyyy I waited this long to get a pair. Now I see why ppl use it. Very comfortable. I’m flat footed. I was able to wear it barefoot & also w| thin socks (tester around the house). The strap part to keep your feet in, it’s actually shorter than the actual length of the shoe (it’s not lined up with the heel part . Around a quarter of an inch or so from the heel) so when it goes around the back of your foot, it actually pushes your feel more inside the shoe. This isn’t a big deal for me as I’m actually a 7.5 women’s. I always love ordering any shoe item a half size bigger to have the extra room for thicker socks if needed. My Crocs were made in Mexico. I’ve seen some complaints about sizing issues when it’s made in different countries. Anyways, I would recommend a pair to anyone.

    Where do I begin. If you do not own a pair of crocs by now, you need to buy yourself a pair right now. I used to buy “crocs” from the 99 cents store because I was on a budget, and by budget I mean absolutely broke. It wasn’t until I got my first job two years ago where I bought my first real pair and mannnn when I tell you that these are the most comfortable shoes ever, these are the most comfortable shoes ever. I can’t believe I was walking around in the knock off ones with no support, no wonder my back hurt so much. Well here I am two years later and I own 18 pairs of crocs. Everybody used to make fun of me but now I have people asking me for croc recommendations. If you are worried about looking dumb because these aren’t the cutest foot wear out there, these shoes are made to help you come as you are. If you are confident, it shines through. I almost have every color in the classic clogs and I am now going to invest in some bayaband, lite ride and bistro clogs. Crocs are an everyday, every moment type of thing for me and I am so glad that I am able to truly express myself through my beautiful crocs.

    I WILL SAY AS A SIDENOTE, those who experience discomfort, it may be because you have a flat foot as those with flat feet are better of wearing shoes like vans, converse, etc. (shoes that have no arch support)

    I have two sets of Crocs I've been wearing for 10 years or so. I love them and they're all I wear, all year around. I've been needing a couple of more pairs to match outfits I have, so I ordered two pair (black and brown) last week. They're too small. They're the same size as the other two sets I have, but they're too small. I wear 8 wide, and the size 8 in the past has been perfect. Not this time. I can't return them because I wore them, so I'm hoping they give some over time. If I were to purchase them again, I'd get a size larger.

    I bought these because they make perfect, lightweight camp shoes for hiking on the Appalachian Trail. The only drawback is that now, when I log onto Facebook, the advertisements are for crocs. I had some friends over at the time, and now everyone knows that I'm interested in shopping for crocs! My social life is ruined. These were meant to be worn in the isolation of the trail, never to be seen in society. My secret is out. Nobody thinks I'm cool anymore. But my feet sure are nice and comfy at camp. Guess I'll have to live in the woods forever with my crocs, because now I don't have any friends left. Thanks, amazon.

    I'm on my fourth pair in this style and love these Crocs. I wear them every day around the house. Three pairs I bought a size larger and I feel like I'm not wearing shoes. The fourth looks more dainty for travel. The inner sole features textured nubs that massage my feet. They feel fantastic, last 1-2 years of daily wear, and are easy to clean!

    Ho comperato l'ennesimo paio di Crocs: queste sono di un bell'arancione "energetico". Sono allegre e non fanno l'effetto ciabatta. Per chi dovesse comprare il primo paio: ricordatevi che calzano un po' piccolo: io porto il 36 e compero 36-37 ma le uso come ciabatte e non utilizzo il listello posteriore (lo ruoto davanti); se lo utilizzassi compererei il 37-38. Lo stesso vale per il modello "imbottito"

    I think i may be in love with these shoes. I have a lot of pain issues with one of my feet and i would now live in these if i possibly could they are so comfy and well supported. I use these ones as slippers around the house. The only thing i find is that my feet can get a little sweaty in them if it is hot. However they are plastic shoes, this seems reasonable, and they do not cause the blisters that were such a problem with the old fashion plastic 'jelly' shoes. I ordered the size i am usually and these fitted perfectly. That you can shoes to have the back strap down of swing it forward to wear like a clog is also very good.

    Unico neo é la qualità della gomma, no ne morbida, quindi non ho la sensazione di ammortizzare. Costa troppo per quello ché vale Non soddisfatta del acquisto

    Ich weiß nicht, warum Crocs es nötig hat, mittlerweile in vielen anderen Ländern wie Vietnam, China und
    Mexico die Schuhe zu produzieren, wahrscheinlich, weil es dort billiger ist. Leider bestätige ich die Rezensionen,
    die besagen, dass die aus diesen Ländern stammenden Schuhe echt übel chemisch stinken, das habe ich sogar
    im hiesigen Schuhgeschäft live festgestellt. Ich habe einen Schuh made in Italy gefunden und einen made ich China,
    der Unterschied war wirklich extrem!
    Und obwohl auf dem Produktfoto zu sehen war, dass der Schuh in Mexico
    gefertigt sein soll, erhielt ich gelbe Crocs made in Italy. Sie sind gernauso gut von der Qualität, wie die allerersten,
    die wir vor langer Zeit gekauft haben. Andere hätte ich auch zurückgeschickt!!
    Es ist mittlerweile echt schwer, noch welche zu bekommen, die in Italien gefertigt werden. Schade.
    Wie gesagt, wir hatten Glück...

    Crocs are a product which you either love or hate. My partner loves them as holiday footwear.

    Ideally you wear these without socks. They will leave your feet dry and give you an added spotty foot! (with the tan lines)

    You can also wear then around the pool.

    Fair enough, they aren't the most prettiest things on the market, but hey you are on your holidays, who cares?

    Bought a few times - no complaints.

    Bought for use in place of house slippers. Absolutely love them. Very roomy and exceptionally light in weight on your feet. I suffer with bunions and need comfort as oppose to high fashion and I was not disappointed. I bought them in pink to match my dressing gown. The bonus is I can also wash them when necessary. I take a size 6 when there isn't a half size and since I need the width with my bunions found these were just perfect. I would recommend them to anyone.

    My 3rd pair of crocks. I've got joint problems in my back so I find the shock-absorbing abilities of these a real blessing ! Plus they have little bobbles in the inside so you get a small massage every time you put your foot down !

    The airvents are equally great for summer when you're doing a lot of walking round National Trust properties in the sunshine. I also use them in the garden, round the house, for driving, the beach and when I want to wear comfortable shoes that don't have a heel or squish my feet up !!

    I ordered size 9 (UK sizes). This i received, and the paperwork confirmed Size 9; BUT after i'd worn them for a while, i discovered that they are in fact Size 10. Which is OK, but it makes it easier to stumble

    I use these for short little trips, driving and anywhere my feet will get wet. I also got them as they match my sport club colours!
    I’ve always liked crocs as they are easy and comfortable shoes, depending on the colour chosen they may get noticed!

    I’ve never known this problem with Crocs I’ve worn in the past, but the bed of these have raised nodules so big that they actually caused my feet to hurt! Sent back.

    Really pleased with my purchase these are the 4th pair of crocs I own but the first bought from this supplier. They fit perfectly, arrived on time and are a great price. Would certainly buy again.

    A friend gave me a pair of crocs a while ago to try as I have a cut on my foot that won't heal and causes great pain when I walk on it, I tried them and was amazed, the pain disappears as soon as i put them on, I suffer from bunion pain and crocs also combat this and offer great relief. I also put these on as soon as I get out of bed as previously I was unable to stand correctly on my right foot due to the pain it causes, as soon as I slip on my crocs the pain goes and I have no problem walking. Would recommend these to anyone who has foot problems as they mould to your feet and offer instant relief. I now have four pairs. They may not be the nicest looking shoe in the world but right now my comfort comes first!!

    I work 12hr shifts at the hospital and obviously on my feet all day . Very comfy and sturdy. Like the nobbly bits inside gives good grip for the soles of your feet

    These are ugly but comfortable. I use them for when I am in the kitchen