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Skechers  Men's Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer
Skechers Men's Equalizer Double Play Slip-On Loafer
  • 100% Knit mesh
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Memory foam insole
  • Flexible sole

Engineered mesh slip-on with gel infused memory foam. The shoe has a soft fabric shoe lining ; 1 1/4 inch heel height

  • Department: Mens
  • Manufacturer: Skechers
  • Product Dimensions: 9.45 x 13.78 x 5.12 inches
  • ASIN: B012A4K2S8
  • Item model number: 51509
  • Date First Available: October 8, 2015
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #510 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #2 in Men's Loafers & Slip-Ons
    • #174 in Men's Shops

    Ok, I just got these. Have only worn them a few times. That being said, these might be the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. As several other reviewers have said, they feel like you're wearing a pair of slippers. That doesn't mean that they feel flimsy, because they don't. The shoes seem solidly made. They are light weight. So far, have been very comfortable walking long distances. I wore them to the State Fair over the weekend, and had no problems. Best of all, these shoes are true slip-ons. I'm closing in on 60 and overweight. Not having to bend over to tie shoes is a big plus for me.

    I'm planning on updating my review in a few months. I'm going to wear these as my everyday shoes and see how they hold up.

    Update 11/21/17: I've now been wearing these as my every-day shoes for months. They are holding up well. Still very comfortable. No obvious signs of deterioration.

    They are like walking on a perfect surface. Seriously, I am extremely fussy when it comes to foot wear and that doesn't necessarily mean expensive; just what fits and is comfortable for an 8-10 hour wear/walking around session. These look so nice that you will certainly be able to wear them at 90 percent of most of your activities. Knock around the house, walk in the park, sightseeing in all but the most demanding of places and just general get in the car and go pick up some milk and goodies situations! WELL WORTH the $50! Now if I could just get a pair of hiking shoes by Skechers that fit the same as these loafers!
    UPDATE: 1/13/18....these are such comfortable shoes that I bought another pair. I alternate each pair every couple of days and find it keeps the odor easier to control!
    UPDATE: 2/10/20....still comfortable as heck and very durable as well. They seem to wear down less (the entire rubber bottom) than other "sneakers!" Although this is certainly NOT a sneaker style they are, as I stated in the earlier review, as comfortable as sneaks!
    Hey folks,... I spend a small fortune in time, energy, and coin on stuff that I buy and use here on amazon so, if this review was HELPFUL,...well you know what to do! Many thanks!

    Bought these Schetchers to use on a cruise. Wore them for 2 days and the elastic came apart at the seams. What good is comfort if they fall apart? Amazon no longer gives you an easy way to contact seller!

    By far, this is the most comfortable shoes from Skechers I have ever worn. At times,it is confusing to make sense of all the many names and series for their shoes. I was lucky! If you want :light weight,soft foot bed with memory foam,socks optional, and wear it out of the box? This shoes is for you!

    I got these for my dad, who has Parkinson's. He needed something lightweight and easy to put on. Also, he needed something non-skid but not the big bulky soles you see on most athletic bottoms - as he shuffles when he walks so he can't have anything that "grabs" the carpet. These shoes worked out so well that he asked for a second pair.

    Skechers makes the absolute best casual wearing shoes that I have ever worn.

    I purchased several different models about 1 year ago.

    Of the models that I purchased, this particular model is without a doubt the most comfortable.

    I purchased this model AGAIN, because I am so happy with the first pair, and I do not want to take a chance on Skechers stopping production of this model.

    Whenever I wear out the 2 pairs that I currently have, and which I wear 99 percent of the time, I will purchase this model again.

    I do not know what I will do, if Skechers stops production of this model.

    If you want a very comfortable pair of shoes, these are the ones I recommend!


    Update: 2019-03-18 - I am still wearing this first pair that I ordered. Yes, the cushion is starting to wear thin in a few places, but it is still usable after almost 2 years. After 2 years, the front rubber tab is finally starting to pull away slightly on my left shoe. After 2 years, the tread is getting very thin. But, these have been my daily shoes, for both work and pleasure, since I purchased them 2 years ago. I would say that I definitely got my money's worth out of them. I will probably start wearing the spare pair that I purchased previously, and I am planning to order another pair, to be used again as a future replacement. I like these shoes so much, that I'm afraid to try any other Skecher models... Hahaha... I'm completely sold on these shoes... I even purchased Skechers for my 19 year old son, and he also wears them daily, as his go-to shoes...

    These shoes were comfortable to wear like other Sketchers but did not last 3 months. I have been a big fan of the Sketchers Go Walk range but thought I would give these a try. I was initially happy with them, they were comfortable - not as comfortable as Go Walk, but nothing to really complain about. However, after 1 month of usage there were signs that the insoles were breaking apart. That worsened and by month 3 several chunks of insole have just fallen out of the shoe (see the pictures attached). To give some context - im not the most active person in the world....I would definitely have expected these to be constructed better and last longer. I will be avoiding a replacement pair. Go look at the Go Walk range instead...

    These are very comfortable 'eveyday' shoes. Quick and easy to slip on, they're great for popping out for those quick jobs. But they're so comfortable, you can happily wear them for a countryside walk long drive. Their comfort lies in the fact that they're so light. The fancy-pants foam base provides the perfect amount of support, yet you dont feel the lumps and bumps. They do not need to be worn in, like a lot of new shoes. You can just start wearing these for long periods straight away. I only go these two weeks ago, but haven't used any other shoes since. They look good too. You could wear them with most things, but probably not your sunday best.

    They are slightly large (wide) for the size. I've got narrower feet and found these size 8 have wriggle room. I tried the size smaller, which were far too tight. It's not a problem. If anything, it adds to the comfort, as there's room for your feet to breathe. Just be aware of this. The mesh top means they aren't waterproof. That said, they've held-up to wet grass and dry very quickly.

    Pros: Very comfortable, light, stylish, practical.
    Cons: Slightly baggy, premium price.

    Conclusion: Wholeheartly recommend you invest in these. Exceeded my expectations. I've tried generic cheaper brands or non branded ones, that are cheaper. They just aren't as good and can't image they would last as long. Go on, treat yourself.

    I've had these shoes 5 months and I wear them for all occasions. I was able to wear them comfortably from the first time I wore them.
    • This shoe is ideal in nearly every way. It is so light you almost feel like you're not wearing shoes at all.
    I walk around a lot in these and they keep my feet from hurting.
    I might walk around for about 7 hours and while my legs might be tired - my feet are still ready to do work.

    • Pros:
    + Extremely lightweight and breathable
    + Comfortable (feels like walking on air)
    + Built to handle long walking sessions
    + Minimal but stylish design
    + Affordable

    • Cons:
    - None (will update if I find anything on continuous use)

    I would highly recommend these to anyone that has problems with buying comfortable shoes.

    Marvellous - I bought these as slippers because the quality and comfort of traditional slippers is now appallingly poor and unless its Xmas time there isn't a decent choice in the shops. Buying online with the comfort and quality issues is just not worth it. I tried a pair of these on while wandering through Debenhams one day and they were amazing but the price was just silly. A quick search and I found the same ones at less than half the price. Bought two pairs, both via Amazon, different colours and different sellers at slightly different prices. Even at half the Debenhams price they are pricier than your average slipper; cheaper than some (eg Hugg @ £100 !!); but ten times more comfortable and so far, much better made. I wear slippers a lot so I am happy to pay for the difference they make to my comfort. These are brilliant - thoroughly recommend (at the £30 odd quid mark).

    Sketchers usually make top quality shoes, but unfortunately for me, my left hand shoe at the very front where the rubber comes slightly in front, well it already started to peel away. I have only had these shoes for less than 4 months and unless i get some gorilla glue to try and fix it, these shoes will be toast in less than a month. They seemed okay at first, very comfortable, can wear without socks etc, then out of nowhere, the rubber at the front of the shoe, where it bends up, started to peel away.
    I have never had a pair of sketchers where this has ever happened and i am very unhappy with the build quality. 3 or 4 months and unless i buy some expensive glue, they will be fit for the bin in another month! Buyer please beware, sketchers are high quality high build shoes, not something that starts to fall apart with little use in 3 or 4 months! I will not buy another pair of sketchers again from this seller. I am not 100% convinced they where even genuine...you can go thailand and by a pair of fake sketchers in a genuine sketchers box!

    I'd give these 10 stars if possible. They are like walking on freaking air!!!! I work on my feet all day and have severe Planis Fascitis I have always bought Clarks Shoes which I thought were well cushioned but these are epic and almost instantly reduce my symptoms. Only downside is they just aren't smart enough to wear with a suit. If Sketchers can make a smart, slightly more formal looking shoe that would be the icing on the cake. Would buy these for life

    I just got these this morning, and couldn't be more pleased with them.. A perfect fit, and incredibly comfortable. They immediately felt like shoes I had owned for a long time, and I couldn't wait to try them out. So I took off with my dog for a two-hour walk around the local paths and nature reserve, feeling as if I was walking on two sponges attached to my feet. Light as a feather, and soaking up all the lumps and bumps on my regular walk. I wish more shoes could be bought with the memory foam insoles, as they left me feeling that I could happily walk all day in them.
    I would definitely buy them again, and will be on the lookout for more styles using this technology. A definite 5-star purchase, and a very happy customer.

    Quick Delivery, Perfect Fit, Just The Job, these are much better than the go walks I found go-walks after a while the round buttons on the soles start to squeak when walking, but these Equalizer double play gel infused shoes are excellent and slightly more comfortable there so good I bought another 2 pairs ( Black, Blue, and Charcoal). See Pic

    I have been wearing sketcher shoes now for more than four years. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought. They wear well and can actually be put in the washer when they need cleaning. When I saw these shoes advertised at £33 I couldn’t resist. You can’t buy them for this from sketchers discount shops. Would highly recommend these shoes.

    I am a size 45 (which is really a UK10.5) and I often order UK11 to be safe. but this pair is tight, more like a size 10.
    and these are my 4th pair of Sketchers. I am replacing the exact same pair (shop purchased). I am just never going to order footwear on AMAZON again unless they offer free returns. I am tired of paying for return shipping.

    Was looking for a very sturdy shoe like my previous 2 skechers which were not sturdy, comfortable shoes but one of them really bobbled really leaving them covered in a fine white covering over the breathable synthetic outer which was black but looked ridiculous in the baubled white.
    These lack the support and sturdiness for what I am after and just seem too tight and don't seem the same quality although if in a size bigger it may be different but I doubt it.

    Bought at £34.99 which seemed a good price. Very comfortable and easy to put on/take off which was essential as I have a bad hip which means getting down to adjust laces is very difficult. I usually take Size 8/8.5 … found the 8.5 fits perfectly. So pleased I bought a second pair.

    I can spend hours writing this review about how great these shoes are. I heard alot about how great and comfortable sketchers shoes are and I decided to give them a shot. Well, now I know why they are very famous and popular. It feels like you are not even wearing shoes and that's how comfortable they are. The look might not be the best, but who cares! Having said that, they look good with outdoor outfits.

    As with all Skechers footwear these are amazingly comfortable and incredibly light. On first wear they feel like old friends. Bung them in the washing machine once a month and they come up as new. Despite their lightweight construction, they are tough and outlast most other shoes. The most comfortable shoes I own by far.

    Bought for my husband who has osteo-arthritis in his ankles and flat very bad feet ( 50 yrs doing Judo) and he got 9UK they are wide enough and the insole is spongy and comfy...he says they are like slippers and a bit more structured than his favourite (go walk 2) and more dressy...